16 February 2020

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To Overcome The Problems, We Should Build A Strong and True National Unity: Commentary

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Kabul (BNA)  April 23rd in honor of the victims of recent terrorist attack on congregational mosque of Shaheen Army was a national mourning day across the country.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the congregational mosque of Shaheen army corp. recently was the target of a terrorist attack, Taliban claimed its responsibility. In the attack, a number of our brave officers and soldiers while citing the Friday Prayer lost their lives or injured.
The president of the country honoring the blood of the martyrs announced the day as a national mourning day and in this way honored the pure blood of the martyrs and in the meantime, we express our commitment for realizing the cause that the martyrs lost their lives for it.
If we look at the bitter realities that the Afghan people have experienced during the last four decades, it becomes obvious that every day of this patient nation has been accompanied with blood and mourning.  The problem is that this great nation wants to be the owner of their destiny and do not want the will of foreign countries imposed on them. Certain countries of the region every day by exercising a conspiracy or evil intention try to impose themselves on our people and country. The heroic and patriotic people who firmly stood against these conspiracies, defended the national and religious values, and martyred. The martyrs have left a sacred heritage that should honored and protected.
The great aspirations of the martyrs who lost their lives and finally the ordeals that the people of this country sustain every day put a hard task and responsibility on the authorities of state, leadership, people’s representatives, military staffs and commanders.
Protecting and honoring the blood of martyrs and valuing their high objectives is a moral obligation should be deeply understand and perform honestly our responsibility regarding to that sacred task.
Currently the country is exercising the most difficult problems. Although parts of the problems caused by foreigners but in parts of them certain domestic circles are involved.
Today the people are talking about differences of views among the leadership of the country, lack of tolerance, corruption, and lawlessness in the county that are in contradiction of the martyrs’ aspirations. The critical situation of the country and the hostile views of certain countries on our beloved homeland seriously ask us to put aside all political differences, organize for defending national and religious values, and do our best to overcome the problems and to access to a true national unity in practice, the source of real power. If we achieve the noble objective this is national unity, then we can give a proper response to the foreigners and their mercenaries who are seeking to destroy our homeland. Just by building a strong national unity, we can defeat our enemies, restore peace and stability in to the county, and build a prosperous community.  


Written by Abdul Khalil Minawi

Director of Bakhtar News Agency                                                            

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