18 February 2020

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Transportation Challenges Will Become More Serious in Kabul City, If…/Commentary

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Thursday January 14, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Transportation situation in capital Kabul city has increased concerns among residents of the city, if relevant officials do not pay keen attention in this regard the problems will become more serious.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, with arrival of winter season and downfall of snow and rain the challenges of Kabul’s residents become more serious. There are many factors that contribute to transportation congestion in Kabul city. The insufficiency and inefficiency of public transportation system along with the increase of private vehicles can be considered among the most important contributing factors in the city.
Kabul Municipality, traffic department and ministry of transport have repeatedly made pledges that they would bring fundamental changes in the transportation infrastructures of Kabul city. However, they have not been able to deliver their promises. As a result, the people are disappointed with the promises in terms of improving the transportation infrastructures.
At the same time, Ministry of Transportation has newly revealed a plan providing improved transportation facilities for women by mobilizing 20 buses driven by female bus drivers and also providing cheap transportation service to the students.
As people are fed up with the unrealistic pledges, the Ministry of Transport shall have calculated its initiatives very well and shall have planned them based on the realistic resources available in order to realize them in practice. Kabul citizens hope that these initiatives will not have the same fate as the “first metro bus” that the Kabul Municipality promised to build it last year.
Establishing improving infrastructure committee, reforms in infrastructure departments, establishing standards for city transportation, preparing master plan for general transport, determination of metro buses in Kabul city, creating instruction and management for Taxi drivers, installing and maintain traffic signs, decreasing 5 percent air pollution annually in Kabul city, creasing green areas and launching short, mid and long-term public awareness programs were the main programs of Kabul municipality in the past years.
Most drivers do not observe traffic law and regulations in Kabul city, Lack of an accessible, affordable, safe and secure, clean and environmentally friendly transportation system is one of the biggest challenges of Kabul city.
Most people working in private vehicles create problems for Kabul residents.
Their services not but, in a city that there is no urban regular city, with less buses and Taxi vehicles, but their cruelty injustice.
Weak transportation infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges that Kabul is faced with it.
Unfortunately, relevant organs do not fulfil their responsibilities and duties honestly, transportation system in Kabul city need more serious attention, otherwise, the transportation problem will become a serious social problems.

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