17 February 2020

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House Of People Approves National Budget Of 1391

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Sunday, April 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The general session of the House of People chaired by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi discussed varying issues on its agenda. 
In the session some of the deputies discussed weak detection of the security forces, saying that despite the information provided by the Russian embassy of existence of suspicious individuals in the adjacent building of the embassy, the Sunday incident took place. 
Other deputies debated narcotics and the growing number of addicts and suicidal attacks in the country as well as abductions in Herat province asking the government organs to attach attention in this respect. 
Some other deputies recalled the destroyed roads inside Kabul city and asked for explanation from the responsible organs. 
The head of the national security department informed the domestic affairs committee of the House of People of the closure of six madras’s in Pakistan and dispatching of its students for carrying destructive actions to Afghanistan. 
It was stated that the ulema council of Afghanistan should in a gathering should specify their position in regards with the destructive acts of the Taliban. 
Also it was stated that the government of Afghanistan should seek the cooperation of the neighboring countries especially Pakistan where the hideouts of the opposition and Mullah Omar the leader of Taliban exists and ask that country to cooperate in extradition of them to the government of Afghanistan. 
Some views were also expressed in relation to the Kabul Bank. 
The deputies rejected the allegations of the deputy minister of finance and asked for implementation of the laws. 
The speaker of the house asked the president of Afghanistan to send the chief justice and members of the Supreme Court to the House of People for attaining vote of confidence as they are serving as acting heads for the past two years. 
Calling the Kabul Bank issue as very important the speaker of the house said that the nation’s asset should not be embezzled and the government should pursue this issue. 
The house discussed the national budget of 1391 and the deputies criticized the imbalances in the budget and said that much attention is needed for higher education and national security. 
Amir Khan Yar head of the finance and budget commission of the house said that in the ordinary budget which is approved by the house of people, considerable increase has been made and Afs. 5 million from the code of 91 has been reduced and added to the budget of the ministry of hajj and endowment.

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