17 February 2020

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“Operation in north of Afghanistan for elimination of narcotics a need:” Ivanov

Written by  Manager2
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Sunday, September 30, 2012
Kabul (BNSA)  A high ranking authority of Russian Federation has alleged that around 20,000 tons of narcotics have been stocked in the north of Afghanistan that is planned to gradually exported to Russian Federation and Europe.
Victor Ivanov Chairman of the Administration for Supervision of Russian Narcotics has alleged this at the meeting with in charges of narcotics of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Russia and Pakistan.  He emphasized that this huge stock needs a joint operation to be eradicated.
The meeting was held recently in Dushanbeh at the center of Tajikistan.  Ivanov added at the meeting that around 2,000 tons of narcotics have been stocked in the mountainous parts of north of Afghanistan and if no poppy is cultivated in Afghanistan for another ten years this amount can meet the needs of the addicts in the western countries.  He added that the countries present at the meeting should launch a joint operation.  Though Ivanov has alleged stocking of this amount in north of Afghanistan, but Zarar Ahmad Muqbel Minister of counter-narcotics of Afghanistan says that he has no information in this respect and while he in a way rejects the allegations of Ivanov, reiterates that around 335 reduction has been noticed in the current year and almost 93% of the produced narcotics is grown in regions where insecurity prevails and armed clashes often occur in those areas.  At the Tajikistan meeting a new plan agreed that facilitates positive ways towards struggle against narcotics smuggling and this plan envisages security cooperation and measures for prevention of narcotics smuggling.

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