17 February 2020

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President Karzai’s 15 Day Radio Address To Nation

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Saturday, March 09, 2013
Kabul (BNA) In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most compassionate.
Dear countrymen, sisters and brothers Assalaum Aleikum Wa Rehmatullah Wa Barakathu.
Few days remain from the advent of the New Year and the New Year and new spring is coming with new hopes and desires and the efforts of the farmers start on from this very season.
Dear countrymen,
For time immemorial, tree planting starts with the advent of the New Year throughout the country, and in addition to farmers and orchard owners, the public also take part in these beneficial efforts in order to ensuring greenery and the beauty of their yards, streets and the cities.
It is the time for planting of tree. So we should try our best to work for greenery of our country and everyone should plant a tree at least.
Creation of orchards and green areas is an appropriate work at any time for we will ensure greenery of our homeland.
The country needs more efforts now compared to the past for much green areas have become barren during the past due to various factors, and the orchards and forests in the country sustained heavy damages.
In order to compensate this, we have to exert more efforts for greenery of the country.
Dear sisters and brothers.
The greenery of the country has direct impact on the environment, it cleans the air and the spread of diseases are prevented.
Considerable increase in the population is witnessed and this requ8ires that more facilities be provided so it directly impact the air as well and in case we have adequate green areas we will have clean air and environment as well.
In order to ensure the greenery of the country we have to look at our yards, streets and villages and plant trees and preserve them from drying up as well.
We should increase building orchards, creating green areas forests and prevent building of premises on agriculture sites for limiting the agriculture lands and over chards damages the air and environment in the country and endangers our live, reduces rains falls and snowfalls.
The winter we had adequate snowfalls and rains in the country, we hope that we will have adequate rains in the spring as well.
I expect farmers to cultivate more lands, expands their orchards and it is the mission of every one to plant trees and this way make the country more beautiful.

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