17 February 2020

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Transition Of Security Program Starts In Nimroz Province

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The spokesperson of interior ministry Sedeeq Sedeeqi has said that the program for transition of security implemented in Nimroz province yesterday, as the security forces there has acquired the readiness. 
So far, he added, no problem has occurred in accepting the security responsibility and the transition process is going on very well. 
Talking on learning of the obstacles on street sides in the center and 20 provinces he stressed that this program is moving ahead successfully and it is welcomed by the people. 
As per this program so far the black glasses of 1000 vehicles has been carried out.  
He added that during the past week in operations of police forces, around 61 insurgents have been killed and 8 others were wounded and 166 of them were arrested along with 379 mines and some other arms. 
He also informed that 17 police were also killed in the operations. 
He further noted that the police has killed one suicide bomber to Barmal district of Paktia and another suicide bomber in Uruzgan and arrested a suicide planner in Soirobi district. 
He assured that soon over one million passports will be imported to the country and the perpetrators of Sahargul case are being legally pursued and so far three people have been arrested in this connection. 
He recalled that police has attained the trust of the people of Afghanistan and for this very reason its number has reached to 150,000. 
Now the ministry is looking for equipping the police force.

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